Mood Swings ‘The Compilation Of Poems’

Mood Swings 'The Compilation of Poems'

Mood Swings ‘The Compilation of Poems’

What happens when you look at a face that does not exist anymore?
A beautiful painting but their soul is unidentified. Just a memory; a past that did not last and now their future speak the truth.
Who could have knew the picture was painted by them?
Just art ready to be judged by the people. People who only acknowledge the one who holds the paint brush but the one who holds the paint brush barely knows them.
A painting full of confusion, others assuming but now that the rains here, the truth shows.
The painting goes, washed away with all those perspectives

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A lil of Me

Look inside my eyes and tell me that i aint fair. The soul never lies just come on ill take you there. Deep contact, hypnotic rhythm has caught….I hope the worlds dont alter all the feelings you brought. premeditated thoughts run away before you enter, we had the longest winter, lets take trips to early December. My childhood days i remember like yesterday. Not many words to say but this ink paved the way. Road blocks i ignored, the right a ways i adored. Who wants to go left, done that shit before. No music with these words. Acapella for you follow, usually deep and never shallow but please do come in. Take a swim as the waves of my inner ways, take you out to the ocean and show you another place……….~Zaide~

Random Thoughts

As i register a new train of thought. My fears go down the drain with the temptation that lowered my vibration. In this nation i strive to be no idol. Just a voice for the voiceless. A step for those afraid to walk towards their purpose. Do what God created you to be and not what society has mold you into. Alone you may feel but lonely will never be an option. This journey to self fulfillment is to please only one. The ones who call you crazy only wish they can attempt what you have begun. As they watch your growth, their laugh turns into a quiet cry. Now they are wondering why. Why do i feel like the jokes on me.

Remember her

Look her in the eyes. Remember her soul so that maybe in another lifetime you can reconnect. Hopefully she will be everything that you use to neglect. but first….eliminate all the temporary distractions they take up all you actions. To invest in Love, one must have clear focus. One must have complete energy inside the walls of their existence. One should never demand an emotion that they themselves have never been faithful to. To receive Love, you must fully Love yourself. So in another lifetime that Love is easy to find. It will be in the image of what you saw in her eyes. A feeling not hard to find because that soul that completes you, is something you possess inside.

Let the Good Get Away

Dysfunctional of us men putting the good women through hell over and over again. With our ego sitting on the shoulder, we claim to want a relationship that is sober. Drunk we act. Continuously watching her pack. During the separation phase…you go on to release the temptation that satisfies you only temporarily. A couple of empty roll overs in bed, you then realize what you had. The cycle we put women through. To manly to admit that we are actually damage goods to. The potential we have as Kings but we cannot seem to get our minds off of what is inside those jeans. Why do men mistreat a good thing? Quick to jump on a man that disrespects your mother but that giver of life that you continue to mistreat is one in the same. Napoleon Hill stated that most men do not catch on to the whole Theory ‘Think and Grow Rich’ until they are maybe late 40′s or 50. Up until then every actions we take are traditional, repetitive. Taking on the fact that we suppose to wild out while we are young. Thinking that Love awaits you with open arms when you are done wasting Gods time. ~My mother is 66 and her favorite line to hit me with is who the fuck wants to be 70 and alone. ~Drizzy~

Speaking Through Me

How is it that I stand here… with no fear of tomorrow. No sorrow, just words of intelligence I borrowed from my ancestors. For it is through me that they speak. The truth becomes leaked and spread throughout this land. I am only man, seeking to get back to his ethereal soul. So many pretenders standing here on this dimension. How does one see pass the foolish lies they tell. As they ring their bell, the sheep come. Some may walk, others will run; only to sit in a place to say they have met the son. How could that be when you have never met yourself. So many distractions in the world including the suit and tie prophets. Many would label this as a disrespect but this is more of a disconnect. A break away moment from those people claiming they own it. My soul that is. The last time I check I don’t need a religion to say that I’m his kid, his child. I can talk to God right now as I lay here expressing these words. But these words are not mine. I’m just a vessel here to express those…truths of who we are. You don’t need to go to far. The answers right there in your heart. Your destiny scripted in the center of that beat of life. Live it!