They say women are from Venus and men are from Mars, the short distance making my travel arrangements no so far. Earth is but a skip over to you for me to admire your worth, of course you’re closer to the Sun but fire Love never hurts. Is there a chance that you might grow Lotus flowers within the space of your planet, if you do that’s outstanding, my needs are highly demanded. Highly in need of Love, does it come with a price? I know money is also your presentation but I’m willing to sacrifice. All is fair in Love and War, moving on to the likens of me but I also bring desire, its better if we don’t speak. Actions are all we need, energy is all we seek, the solar system is our playground and I’m missing the kid in me. If people fight over Love and others fight over money, then I guess this God of War is your protection hunni. The Natal charts are you in your heart-just follow the art. As long as the universe keeps spinning we will never be worlds apart.

Winter Love…

As the winter approaches I can only think of Love. The warm cuddling of another soul while the holiday tunes play, by the fireplace we lay. Hot coco, small convo but our lips only move for the sips we take. The communication we make is vibratory; mental stimulation carried from my mind to hers. Saving the warmth of our voice in this winter, the energy rises as we decide to go inner. The reflection of the flames tells secrets in her eyes, the kinds that aren’t commercialized; the secrets that only the deepest thoughts could penetrate. In this winter we not only make but we create seasons upon offspring’s to come.


Will this box show me who you are or will I open up a different perspective and fall far? If Pandoras ego is altered, why fault her for the deception.  Why not learn from the lesson for she is the one who bit into the apple.  In this garden no one is innocent because I still choose to seduce you, write to you these poetic combinations. If I choose to accept this challenge and open up Pandoras box, I hope this rabbit hole leads to you. I hope your past I Do doesn’t haunt you. If your conscious is clear then let’s not let fear distract the underlying message. Let’s help it but first I will do my part and open up Pandoras Box….

Victim of Love

There was no turning back once she entered the room. Here and now she is bond to submit every piece of her most sacred geometry. Shhh….words you must not speak, only movements of satisfaction, elements of pleasure as the waters below finds themselves. The squinch in her eyes as she tries to hypnotize her noble King. But under his spell she has fallin, it is only her body that is callin, calling for more punishment. The sheets she grip as she tries to escape but her noble King puts her in positions she can never break. Only wanting more and the journey travels so deep her King makes it pass her secret door. The magnetic pulse rises up her spine, linking her online, together they are divine. She now sees the energetic King that pleases her sacred womb. She no longer assumes, only giving in to the role. These feelings are not meant to be controlled, just expressed. At his chest she rest. Never feeling so fulfilled, the feeling of being spiritually killed but reborn as a Goddess. Finally letting go of her meaningless past. A butterfly coming out of her shell ready to fly but first she must lie…in the presence of her King.

I Promise Myself….

I promise to be me. A promise I should have made a long time ago but I was to busy valuing the opinions of unfulfilled souls.  How it must feel to wake up and not have to pretend. To finally live within the wind and hear nature.  The trees will never hate you.  They will only provide shade to protect you from the shade that others will cast upon you.  How can one become authentic when he invest time into an artificial society?  The truth in this world is very limited but powerful when it finds its way; strategically we play this game hoping to reunite with our souls in the end.  Sin…the only sin rejecting to go within!!

Her Deepest Desires

When will he realize that it is not physical with her? What she understands the hands cannot touch. What she feels is a clear confidence of her inner secrets. Her only desire is to have a King touch her without touching her. Love her without fucking her. Dig deep within his mind that he understands the actions that he possess. It is only then will he be at his best; moving matter as if it never mattered, only to climb this latter of ecstasy. Oh bless it thee man who take insight to these things, utilizing them to become a King. It is the only way you will win her heart. Physically you may start but it is the connection within the Mind, Body and Soul that will never tear you apart.

Are They Listening…

Are they listening…?  A regular question that wanders through my head as my fingers type.  In a world where social likes are becoming a perquisite.  I often ask myself, do I want to be liked or understood.  Many might say liked but how can one truly be liked in a society where individuals barely like themselves. They barely know who they are.  Should I feel less of a writer if many do not like the feelings in which I express through my art?  One should never compare his or her truth with a social media lie.  I only write from deep inside, so as many suffer in their own identity crisis, I should continue to see a small circle. I should continue to write for the future because what I say now will only become mutual as the eyes become more open.  Are they listening…?  A question I use to ask myself as my fingers typed but after reading comments this morning, I would say they are and today I continue to write.

Back to The Throne

How blind of cupid to miss his target.  As a man in training to become a King, she might have not understood what I mean. but as I stand before you today crowned I will not allow such treacherous.  Pure royalty running through my blood that has now been activated through many sacrifices, I no longer want an unconscious wife.  A Queens identity does plenty for the Kingdom in which we create our own reality.  In the absence of my own throne, I deteriorated in a home controlled by a unmotivated soul.  Her urge to be held was a one way street.  Not understanding that in order to be held properly you must help strengthen a Kings physique.  Lost in her ways and she has yet to face her darkest days.  I hope the altar at which she prays at offer her advice for whats about to come. In my past I have been labeled a runner but from this moment on I walk.  No longer afraid of the stones thrown from judgemental souls.

Trust your Gut

The objective is to separate ones thought from the body.  An empty vessel ready to follow orders from the very thing that keeps them prisioned.  We should have listened to the elements but now we are helpless, as we are left to watch the battle of energies play out.  They know its coming but to try and stop it would be a complete insult so by impulse they try to strengthen their army with deep propaganda. I do hope when the time is ready that many will march in the right direction.  For that could be their last step towards freedom. Freedom of the Mind, Body and Spirit.

Morning Journal

I slept well in the night.  No unpaid visits of mental attacks, just relaxed I remained.  Whats left of his remains will go buried with the rest of everyone’s perspectives.  Unconsciously they do not know the hurt they cause.  The unpaused thoughts that continue to travel, secrets unravel as I further my understanding of the individual.  Should I show mercy to the untrained eye or proceed with an example.  Mistakes are meant to happen in the playground but in this battlefield one thought can be your demise.


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