Speaking Through Me

How is it that I stand here… with no fear of tomorrow. No sorrow, just words of intelligence I borrowed from my ancestors. For it is through me that they speak. The truth becomes leaked and spread throughout this land. I am only man, seeking to get back to his ethereal soul. So many pretenders standing here on this dimension. How does one see pass the foolish lies they tell. As they ring their bell, the sheep come. Some may walk, others will run; only to sit in a place to say they have met the son. How could that be when you have never met yourself. So many distractions in the world including the suit and tie prophets. Many would label this as a disrespect but this is more of a disconnect. A break away moment from those people claiming they own it. My soul that is. The last time I check I don’t need a religion to say that I’m his kid, his child. I can talk to God right now as I lay here expressing these words. But these words are not mine. I’m just a vessel here to express those…truths of who we are. You don’t need to go to far. The answers right there in your heart. Your destiny scripted in the center of that beat of life. Live it!


Music…what a way to create. As it can only be describe as a spiritual connection. Where does these sounds come from. Hands touch keys, keys create notes which produces these words as i stroke. Im only speaking from within. Society cannot alter whats been encoded into my DNA. A ‘minor’ thing can be A ‘major’ change if we learn to rearrange the way we think. The way we can sync the hidden sounds that go unheard with our heart. For that is the only way. The heart opens up, the crown receives and then we can get back to being Kings and Queens. ~Zaide~

So We Meet Again…

So we meet again, a tour within.  Exploring this unfamiliar place. It feels good to see your face as the silence comes to an end. I am not wrong my Love, to kiss the lips of you.  The lips that brought me home. The lips that make me write the way I do. It’s a short journey to hell but how can the devil tell…me that we aren’t meant to be. With a feeling this deep we should be able to create our own destinies. I know society wants me to give up but how can I do such, when our souls are so connected. Before you I felt neglected and now I have a home. That look up in your eye tells my soul that you are unease. That you need to release, just like we did when it was just you and me. So why not let that be?

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