In Tune With Self

Dancing, hypnotic rhythm taking her to a place of temporary fulfillment. The frequencies in the sound molds the vibration of her inner elements; connecting her closer to her source. Forever in this feeling she would like to stay, never wanting to take her finger off play. Together they dance. Finally in sync with romance. Curious eyes wonder as they look at an empty floor. Blinded as to who is she dancing for. Only those who know could connect with a experience so in tune. So they assume, only having opinions of what she feels. Because the truth lies inside of her.

In Love With A Maybe

She fell in Love with a maybe.  Maybe its crazy but sometimes we jump first without obtaining a definite answer. Now this relationship is like cancer. A slow kill because he does not acknowledge how she feels. Just a whole lot of words leaving her with question marks. What would it take for her to get a period?  What would it take for her to get a final answer period?  What she wants is a new beginning but what he creates are new beginnings…to every conversation she starts.  Implying that he do not recall her mentioning anything serious about their relationship.  In her right state of mind she would leave but as of now she’s only confused. Friends say she should leave and that she is crazy.  Love will do that to you sometimes when you fall in Love with a Maybe.

One Truth…

How deep must i go to realize that the all is only but a reflection of the Mental.  Things could appear very simple if we invest more time understanding the mind.  The habits created within the mind normally become habits of actions, habits of attraction because of the thought vibration signal that leaves our body.  If ones mind is guilty then so he is but its only when you understand the laws of nature where you realize there is no good or evil; only the known and the unknown.   Corporate america might try to clone these universal law but what we are experiencing is only an extension from the truth.

Goodbye Jamaiel…

Goodbye Jamaiel…sometimes I can’t tell if she is trying to convince herself through words.  The true feelings go unheard but your actions will always remain in my heart.  You never can erase where we once started. Although temporarily we have departed; the few nights I visited the stars I’ve heard the water whisper.  That voice sounded to familiar as my thoughts journeyed down memory lane.  I’m not saying things we be the same but our paths will once cross again. Until then you can continue to convince your lips with Goodbye Jamaiel but your actions never fail.  The music still plays, maybe in the near future we can dance to it.

They Dont Know About Us

There is no need for words when the language of our chemistry is motivated by the unseen. Energetically we converse in a room full of empty souls. Our partners do not want to let go. They still see hope for this fabricated lie built by society but if they cannot understand what is beneath the surface, how can they serve our future purpose. Sometimes we want the unconscious soul to be mutual to what is so obvious but sometimes even a woman with two black eyes can’t see who the real enemy is. When will we learn that the judgments of our decisions are not in the hands of man? How can we consider the opinions of individuals who can’t read our hearts? The mindless souls of today’s world can not listen to what the lyrics hold but just nod their head to the beat. So your chest they lay, pretending that they understand your heart because the beat presents itself. I wonder if they were deaf, then how would one fake knowing your heart.


CRIMSON Gravity has taken a hold of my soul The control belongs to my multiverse Really my desire lies in the universe Still, the cold unfolds So perils contain me into fear Though I’m surrounded with jewels In existence there is no veil to conceal my smear So why should you care I dare! No, I entice you to wear my garment For once, sport and exhibit my ailment I insist! Kiss your vanilla sky goodbye In my world all that was crimson began to cry! Til the last infant died!

J. Timm

Empire of Illusion

In an age of images and entertainment, in an age of instant emotional gratification, we neither seek nor want honesty or reality. Reality is complicated. Reality is boring. We are incapable or unwilling to handle its confusion. We ask to be indulged and comforted by clichés, stereotypes, and inspirational messages that tell us we can be whoever we seek to be, that we live in the greatest country on earth, that we are endowed with superior moral and physical qualities,, and that our future will always be glorious and prosperous, either because of our own attributes or our national character or because we are blessed God. ~C.H.~


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