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B.o.B(Battery Operated Boyfriend)

Why must I compete, Or should I have to feel the need to, I stand as the mighty do, I stand as a complete man on my feet,  But bob!  … Continue reading

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TIDAL AFFAIR… Amore for your tide, An inception of assorted butterflies, Amore my tranquility, Swirling deeply into your delicacy… J. Timm

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The Pursuit

The Pursuit of Happyness. The Pursuit…Something I continue to focus on because as you can see the “Happyness” might not always present itself the way you would like or it … Continue reading

January 11, 2015 · 1 Comment

Pussy & Ego

Hatred fills my heart for the soul I gave birth to. A deep disdain for the human race.  For the culture of the free and overcompensated.  Towards all who attempt … Continue reading

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First snow

Originally posted on Ramona Crisstea:
I don’t know what is your primary thought when it comes to first snow, but for me is happiness. Winter has come. Everyone has a…

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Astral Intimacy

    Dear London, I did not know the soul could be so intimate. As I leave my physical being behind, I travel on to find the source of my … Continue reading

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The Limited Sunset

The Sunset Limited… Is as though the finish line is there It is but an illusion The mystical creature disappears Splashes cause more confusion Uncertainty ruins what’s fluid Or was … Continue reading

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Love Untold (The Musical)

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New Years Re’solution’

Resolution with no solution is just another year of confusion. Not seeing past the illusions just adds to your delusions. External comments don’t pay homage if the eternal process is … Continue reading

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The Love Untold Story (Linguistic Tongue)

Dear London, When our worlds met, my old ways were expunge; our hearts sung but the voices were silent. For I had become a child, learning to speak all over … Continue reading

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