Are They Listening…

Are they listening…?  A regular question that wanders through my head as my fingers type.  In a world where social likes are becoming a perquisite.  I often ask myself, do I want to be liked or understood.  Many might say like but how can one truly be like in a society where individuals barely like themselves. They barely know who they are.  Should I feel less of a writer if many do not like the feelings in which I express through my art?  One should never compare his or her truth with a social media lie.  I only write from deep inside, so as many suffer in their own identity crisis, I should continue to see a small circle. I should continue to write for the future because what I say now will only become mutual as the eyes become more open.  Are they listening…?  A question I use to ask myself as my fingers typed but after reading comments this morning, I would say they are and today I continue to write.

Back to The Throne

How blind of cupid to miss his target.  As a man in training to become a King, she might have not understood what I mean. but as I stand before you today crowned I will not allow such treacherous.  Pure royalty running through my blood that has now been activated through many sacrifices, I no longer want an unconscious wife.  A Queens identity does plenty for the Kingdom in which we create our own reality.  In the absence of my own throne, I deteriorated in a home controlled by a unmotivated soul.  Her urge to be held was a one way street.  Not understanding that in order to be held properly you must help strengthen a Kings physique.  Lost in her ways and she has yet to face her darkest days.  I hope the altar at which she prays at offer her advice for whats about to come. In my past I have been labeled a runner but from this moment on I walk.  No longer afraid of the stones thrown from judgemental souls.

Trust your Gut

The objective is to separate ones thought from the body.  An empty vessel ready to follow orders from the very thing that keeps them prisioned.  We should have listened to the elements but now we are helpless, as we are left to watch the battle of energies play out.  They know its coming but to try and stop it would be a complete insult so by impulse they try to strengthen their army with deep propaganda. I do hope when the time is ready that many will march in the right direction.  For that could be their last step towards freedom. Freedom of the Mind, Body and Spirit.

Morning Journal

I slept well in the night.  No unpaid visits of mental attacks, just relaxed I remained.  Whats left of his remains will go buried with the rest of everyone’s perspectives.  Unconsciously they do not know the hurt they cause.  The unpaused thoughts that continue to travel, secrets unravel as I further my understanding of the individual.  Should I show mercy to the untrained eye or proceed with an example.  Mistakes are meant to happen in the playground but in this battlefield one thought can be your demise.

Spiritual War

At the bottom of the sea I pay offering to the ancestors we lost.  At what cost would it be to stay deep within this water to meet the leaders of our history or come up for air only to activate their DNA which resides inside of me.  I watch on their tv screen how they twist faith, putting it in the hands of sci-fi but why lie on who we truly are.  Why alter the text because you don’t want the people to know what is coming next?  The evil looks never hurt. The negative projections are only a reflection of self. What I do not accept only goes back in a bloody envelope.  The sender shall remember that this is not a game and its a shame that they do not teach these peasants the true laws of this society.  A riot it shall be… but I will not do my fighting walking the streets. Light a candle for me and inside we will meet.

Free Will

Free she wants to be. Free from all labels, religion and any form of slavery. Wasnt it society who labeled her as a prostitute. Muting her rights to be a free woman if she choose not to marry the likens of a man. A man only to govern her with ego rules of submission.  Wasnt it society who labeled her a witch; later referring to her as a bitch.  because she rather choose nature as her religion verses something that is man-made.  Many live in blindness, never questioning why they call it Mother Nature. Only nature can be real in the natural order of reproduction. Nature is her home but oh was she wrong in the eyes of the holy ones who cast judgment deeper then our so-called enemy. On her broom she rides, not in the acts of wickedness but more so in forgiveness, for those who continue to follow whats outside of their own being.

Detached From Usetory

Sometimes the words ‘I Do’ just dont cut it. Locking one into a prision of misery because your soul is unknown.  In this home I have tried to make sense but every cents I spend ends up as a spiritual debt.  It is now clear to me of what the wise one spoke of.  There are great sacrfices in becoming who you must be.  Great suffering in trying to mix your spiritual soul with an unfamiliar eye.  These emotional ties are mostly built on lies so in the order of detachment you will find truth.  Many will outkast you but you are for much protected then you were before.  A piece of chocolate wraped in Gold paper can trick the untrained eye but when the Sun rises, the lies melt and the true ones remain solid.

Let It Bleed…

Let it bleed she said, for people need to hear your story.  Everything I need lies in this pen so let it bleed.  As a kid I never knew this would be me.  All I knew is that I loved poetry.  Every breathing thing was a potential sentence; a start of a new beginning and writing was my independence.  The curiosity in me kept me alive, it kept me aware of the things I couldn’t see.  I had a mature intuition that went unnoticed.  I just followed my gut not knowing that it was my higher self leading me along.  I would have been wrong to give up such a relationship with this pen, listening to artificial friends.  Claiming that the acts of what I wrote were feminine based; not knowing that most of their taste came from what they continue to chase. because most guys want a woman like their mother.  They continue to be hard but they wish they had a Queen to tuck them under the cover. Many nights I laid there with no cover, dreaming of how I was going to retire my mother.  For so long I chased so many artificial dreams, wonder why I could never land anything.  A man knows his talents but that Queen can make you realize some things. For me she made me see….she made me understand that I been had my dream.  She said you just need to tell your story, so as of now I Let It Bleed…

Discover Me

Discovery Me gently as my presence is placed in front of you.  Listen not just to my words but in the curves of my movements.  How fluent do I stay on path with the creation of my delivery.  It’s clear to me that you have never truly knew someone.  Just physical commitment, a number of resentment but never really knew the soul.  In life those things get old and the only thing that keeps us young is by simply knowing where we come from.  Come with me….come with me to where it all started. Never should we be departed in the eyes of astrology because we will always know where the planets are.  I might be from Mars but love is not that far when Venus goes direct.  I cherish this moment every sec and I wager that we will never regret taking this trip, taking this time to understand each others mind.  I hope that society doesn’t blind you from whats real because we can have it all if we take the right pill.  The trick is…to have it all you realize its to have nothing at all because everyday we will fall. Everyday we will grind to keep our Love growing tall. Everyday we create new Love because…I dont want you to remember how I was.  I want you to remember this present day and understand i will write these Love letters everyday just because….Discovery Me

First Hug(The Saga Continues….)

I now understand why that hug was meant to be. At first I didn’t know but now I see the blessing he was giving back to me…to us, at times we would fuss; only because we didn’t understand our own nature. We didn’t understand that Gemini’s hold the element of Air and it spreads the element of Fire held by the Sagittarius. We could either spread in Love or become a tug a war. We met solely because God knew that once our energies became familiar with home, they would never disown or lose each other again. But……we will be tested. In the sense of opposite signs, in our time we endure many challenges. As our love grow stronger, society grows hungrier and tries to feed off us. Only true Love between the two can be granted once both obtain the independent they need. It is then they will be able to love each other freely. Major commitment to man’s law is not in their near future but forevership will always be an option with clarity. So this go around I take heed to my patience and I am no longer waiting, better yet becoming the King I need to be. For I am not waiting on Love, she is already a part of me but only a King can bring together this unity. So to God, myself, her and Love…..see you soon!!


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