They Dont Know About Us

There is no need for words when the language of our chemistry is motivated by the unseen. Energetically we converse in a room full of empty souls. Our partners do not want to let go. They still see hope for this fabricated lie built by society but if they cannot understand what is beneath the surface, how can they serve our future purpose. Sometimes we want the unconscious soul to be mutual to what is so obvious but sometimes even a woman with two black eyes can’t see who the real enemy is. When will we learn that the judgments of our decisions are not in the hands of man? How can we consider the opinions of individuals who can’t read our hearts? The mindless souls of today’s world can not listen to what the lyrics hold but just nod their head to the beat. So your chest they lay, pretending that they understand your heart because the beat presents itself. I wonder if they were deaf, then how would one fake knowing your heart.


CRIMSON Gravity has taken a hold of my soul The control belongs to my multiverse Really my desire lies in the universe Still, the cold unfolds So perils contain me into fear Though I’m surrounded with jewels In existence there is no veil to conceal my smear So why should you care I dare! No, I entice you to wear my garment For once, sport and exhibit my ailment I insist! Kiss your vanilla sky goodbye In my world all that was crimson began to cry! Til the last infant died!

J. Timm

Empire of Illusion

In an age of images and entertainment, in an age of instant emotional gratification, we neither seek nor want honesty or reality. Reality is complicated. Reality is boring. We are incapable or unwilling to handle its confusion. We ask to be indulged and comforted by clichés, stereotypes, and inspirational messages that tell us we can be whoever we seek to be, that we live in the greatest country on earth, that we are endowed with superior moral and physical qualities,, and that our future will always be glorious and prosperous, either because of our own attributes or our national character or because we are blessed God. ~C.H.~


There is only room for opened eyes and pure hearts.  Those who claim to be in the light will soon experience the dark.  Those who paint in the dark will soon have to show their art.  Those with heavy measures will soon be discarded.  The visitors amongst us will surely be departed.  How can one have freedom of speech when their thoughts are being manipulated?  Again they think the world is shaded but that’s just big brother looking over us with hatred.  What if I told you that there is a secret buried so deep that you would have to experience physical death to obtain it?  The rising of one’s awareness travels, finally reaching the 7th stage universal knowledge; where the connection of every sentence comes from your true purpose.  Poverty is nothing but a painted a picture but who holds the paint brush.  Where are they painting these illusionary images deciding who gets to experience life?  They can only capture the minds of our youth through the parents.  How much will you allow?  As you search for the Holy Grail, it plays with your emotions; pulling you in and out of energetic war paths creating scars.  Do you really think you meant to buy those fries after working out or did something within the symbolism of that establishment shout?  Do we every stop to question our very own emotions or do we just accept them as our own?  Once a question is asked, it motivates the answer.  How can one evolve if the right questions are never asked?  How can problems get solved if the media focus on all the problems we have?  Some will ignore those deep routed questions and maybe never even care to hear it.  But now I understand that everybody wont make it…..Esoteric!!!

Pink Panther…

I remember the dreams of pink panther, I didn’t know what I was after. Once my eyes opened it was her beauty that I captured. A body made just for me, she was more then I ever seen. A walk of a Goddess, every step was a melody.  We made it back to the room where I immediately assume.  She only wanted one thing but honestly we grew. A gentle push onto the bed, we were playing simon saids. She knew what she wanted, pleasant thoughts through my head. I let her take control because she love giving favors but when I was willing and able, I had to turn the tables. Deep up in her ocean, I was riding all her waves. She whisper in my ear and I heard her voice say…To be continued!

Only When You’re Ready

When You Know...

No need to rush to find true Love; for that person already knows your existence.   It’s only when you are persistent in your discipline they will arrive.  Home you were born and home you will go back to once you understand the dualities of life.   The Sun and Moon can only work together when they understand the astrology’s of their own being.  You are forever seeing glimpse of that heavenly one as you battle through life but the meeting doesn’t take place until you understand the night. Not until you understand the dark side of your own self. The soul created for you is only but a mirror here to provide you with what you cannot see.  To challenge you to fight off unfamiliar emotions.  To make you sure of self.  You cannot live peacefully with your soulmate if you fear being alone.  Your soulmate is but a reflection of you and any uncertainty about self causes uncomfortable feelings. Unbalanced emotions that will forever go unsolved until you understand your very own enigima. The closer you get to you, the closer you get to Love.  Only When You’re Ready..

Love Note…

Many would judge this feeling but it’s so fulfilling to converse with a familiar soul. I watch how we mutual hold a conversation based on real substance. Sharing the same interest, I try to ingest the thought of possibilities. What if Zaide….? What if all the creativity in your mind finally found the time to be manifest through the connection of her? I wonder if these words plant a seed. I wonder if we use the same pen when we let our souls bleed. Out there somewhere this note will find its home but for now it roams; in the thoughts of her.

Timeless Art…

Timeless Art…the hands never move with this piece. Just quiescent stares admiring the peace. One can never travel backward or forward, only be still in the viewing of the strokes. What seizes their hearts the most, is the gravitating power of now. In the absent of their voice, many can only imagine how one could stop the universal tick. The earthly colors kept them grounded, hearts pounding with neoteric discoveries.  Brain sensory sending signals of Lost connections that only their DNA can decode. They stay and behold, forever trying to be one with the image inside the frame. It is only when they remember that one thing, they will be able to get on with their life again!


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