Reach Out For Me

Reach out for me… Reach out for me when my hand goes up and I’m feeling such… incredible, yes I’m a head of ya because we are energetically combined. Compound together like chemistry and periodically I would like to explore your elements.  Which one are you?  ‘Krypton’…make sense because your spirit is never dense.  Always in light and photogetic. Its like the camera is taking pictures every second.  What element am I? Of course ‘AU’, that would be Gold and together we can hold each other as we breathe in this good oxygen.  The balance we make is so promising as you continue to reach out for me.  I am somewhere in the universe but your 4th dimensional mind understand that space has no time, so I guess I will see you soon.  Together we will rule but until then reach out for me…Reach out for me!

Its Not Over

and your soul…there is no reason for us to let go. Unless…unless you have other things in store-then I will let go to what was temporary connected.  Wait…let me get my last second as I grab tight for memories.  Vivid pictures of you and me because I know once the hands come off and the backs turn, my body will only yearn.  Crave the feeling that kept me at attention oh and did I mention I’m still up.  I know I know, it’s up to me to get it down but aren’t you going to miss how we use to get down.  I mean literally down on the floor where I would generate more…heat then an oven, baking only the cookie that many would describe as heaven.  Surely it was a blessing to be in your Godly Kitchen. Chef Zaide as I licked the plates clean from the juices that once flowed through your womb.  Do you think this separation is too soon.  I have so much creativity inside the bed, I mean inside my head that I haven’t received a chance to show you yet.  How about a little wager,  if I win I get to call you later.  If I lose then I will just let my thoughts reminisce of this last kiss, last kiss….I wager!



We are all investing time into our blogs and passions for a reason.  We not only want to be heard but we want to spark an idea within the minds of our viewers. The world is changing by the day so why don’t us bloggers, no better yet; why don’t these creative minds come together and spice up WordPress?  From the followers, likes and comments, we are all trying to network.

With that being said, lets turn it up a bit.  Feel free to comment or email me any topic or subject you would like me to write a piece on.  If you would like to remain anonymous, that’s fine but if you don’t mind I will make sure to mention you.

Until then lets Live, Love and Create…



I Write Because of YOU…

He wonders. Is the act of his charm and love for words a gift and a curse?  Of course many would believe that there are powers in words that we speak, words that we write but do those same words keep his future Queen up at night. How can her  soul rest knowing that her Kings poetry seduces the woman eyes at the site of contact?  Personally she knows that writing is but a passion of his and learning through the minds of others is just his way of evolving.  The charm comes with the zodiac.  You can only speak with the universe in the concerns of his personality.  For he was just born at the right time in space that gave him the ability to embrace such a spirit.  The King understands the power of a Queen and wants nothing more but to share his energy with her.  We are all connected in some way but his future Queen holds the socket for his plug.  The source for all his eternal energy. So in the future when he writes, just know that you are the reason for the balance that he brings.  The female counterpart that he has now returned back to for the ceremony of being reborn.  I await you my Queen.

Poetry: Floetry, words uncensored. LEAKED!

Originally posted on PandorasAltereg's0:

~By Nicole Thomas~
Slowly, deeply… Mmmms and ahhh, deeply, sighs.
Your tongue speaking to me.
Slowly deepen, your words complete me.
A sentence, is like a touch of sexuality,
Your words tasting me.
The tip of your tongue,
Our fun has just begun.
Your words taste so amazing,
Ammo, like a bullet to a gun.
Bullet vest,
No protection on.
We dive into speech sensuality.
Your words tasting me,
The depth of your conversation,
Has me on my knees.
Back and forth,
Conversation with you,
The words of your tongue sedating me.
Sedate me, you have me at my peak,
Conversation that they won’t understand, if these walls had ears..
If these four walls were to speak!
Would that be the end of you and me?
Like a porno leaked,
Intellectual minds, speaking
Intellectual minds, leaked.
Leaking more and more by the words you speak.

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Mental Penetration

Her eyes stayed intact but her energy could not outwit the intelligence of my aura. What woman truly wants to show signs of submission, so carefully I listen to her body. Whether she spoke to me or not, I knew from within that I have already been accepted. With the strongest muscle in my body I sent electrical shocks to her womb. At first she just assumed, thinking that the restroom is what she preferred but quickly she came back due to its false alarm. Again with no harm I send a deep message to her inner secret. Caught off guard but her intuition did not fail her this time. She quickly connected eyes wondering…wondering how I could have complete control over her Sensory Cortex; manipulating the pleasure that she feels. Quiet she remains but in her eyes she said my name. With a small dose of telepathy I provided her with the notion that I was going deep. Her head shook yes and with my mind I confess the likens of what I see. I traveled underneath, not physically but mentally…arousing her juices while she sat there in public. She felt me touch it. Kissing it without kissing it, I sent orgasmic signals her way. Without words she played…this game of stimulation. With her heartbeat racing, the drinks she’s chasing, I relieved her body of duty. Without words she spoke, “now that’s how you do me”. Nothing more, nothing less, we mentally bumped chess. Confusing in the eyes of others, she sent a drink my way. They couldn’t phantom the gesture because we didn’t have much to say. After one more kiss, I turned my chair in the direction of the bar I was once facin, hoping that two great minds will meet again for a little Mental Penetration.

Seductive Poetry

She said that she has never been there but in my care I generate words that her body has never felt. Her pulse is now classically condition to every word I speak. Her eyes fall deep into inception. I now take her to a place within this reality that will only satisfy her desire even more. Without question she follows, submitting her free will to be free with me; trusting my navigation skills to bring her to her peak. Before every fulfillment there is always a past, mostly pain but as I go deeper in vain I only repair those torn tissues. No more issues now that I have been accepted beyond the walls of what use to be resentment; her energy is now lifted, ready to be release. So I articulate the tone of my words, the movements of my curves to provide her with a better way to communicate back. And she did just that. The mystery ocean came out flowing like she has never seen. Its amazing what a river of truth can do for you when the right person is swimming. In her eyes I seen relief, in her eyes I seen intimacy; this resonating connection begun with just a simple art of Seductive Poetry.

Lend Me Your Eyes…

Let every eye negotiate for itself. Let love be our own decision and not the deception of another’s envy. How tempting is the heart to feel before allowing the windows to tell its story; the soul and the lives before me. The external appearance representing as the God or Goddess they portray but inside something else takes shape. Inside where the truth lies are feelings that never fail, oh do tell the secrets of what the world cannot see. But not with your lips…Just lend me your eyes for I can intuitively feel things the mortal beings cannot. The magnetic shock running through your portal is nothing more than I racing for the truth. I only ask that you work with me, do not try to disguise yourself into something you don’t want to be. I will be respectful of your past secrets but this role you play you can keep it. For I only wish to let our souls talk and discover the real you.

Fear of Being Alone

Who are we but the company we keep?  Can the matching of these particular relationship bring about change in your life or is it the fear of being alone that keeps you surrounded?  Why is it that when we see certain people together we begin to think of the oddness of their connection?  Maybe they are connected in the spiritual and not the physical.  Maybe they are not connected at all.  My observation of this note came when I observe the mouth of a person moving non stop as they entertained friends.  It was not until we were alone, I gained the other piece to the puzzle to draw the conclusion of this very own statement.  I simply asked the person, “Who are you”? With no real response I realize that we spend time entertaining things outside ourselves not because we love having fun or being around people but because we are afraid of being alone.  We are afraid of those questions that will appear and force us to question our very existence.  Many of us feed into this artificial stimulation because the truth is too scary to face, so in return we become artificial ourselves just to keep the lie going.  Many seek help outside themselves but never really get the healing they deserve but they continue to put energy into these organizations because it provides them with a sense of security.  A similar group of people to connect with making you feel not alone.  It is proven that many people feed off of hope, even when the hope is uncertain but that same hope still does damage to their soul as their life crumble.  Ask yourself one day, do I communicate with the people within my circle because they help me grow. or do I stay in contact with the people in my circle because I need someone to vent to at times.  If you are not truly able to be yourself around the people you call your friends and you still associate yourself within, you are facing fear. Not just the fear of being alone but the fear of knowing that you will have to detach yourself from someone who no longer serves a purpose whether it be a family member, relationship, business partner or friend. Law of detachment.


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